Make your ideas a reality with code & scale full-remote top talented African software engineers

Your remote engineering team of senior profiles.

High-performing remote software engineering team from Africa, with in-depth expertise in Software Design, Web and Mobile Development, Cloud Computing, Big Data and Machine Learning


A skillset for a competitive advantage

Web & Mobile Development

From the ideation and architecture design, to the back-end, front-end and release phases, we accompany you in every step of the development of your web and/or mobile products. We work mainly in an agile environment during the entire life cycle of the project.

DevOps & Cloud Computing

Our software engineering background will help you design and operate your cloud infrastructures. We have a demonstrated experience using leading-market cloud providers (AWS, Google Cloud Computing…) with cutting-edge techniques (infrastructure-as-code) and technologies.

Big Data & Machine Learning

We can help you outrank your competitors by operating efficiently your dataset and by adding AI/ML solutions in your existing or future products. Machine Learning can lead you to more profits, more productivity and more customer satisfaction.

Trusted by the bests in our way to reinvent remote working

We only hire top-tier and experienced engineers with international background (in Western Europe and North-America).

We have an in-house innovation lab and a mentorship program: we regularly assess our members hard and soft skills.

We alleviate your costs without drop in quality: our hourly rate starts at 25$.

Ny Havana
Brand New Day

Connecting Madagascar to the current global technological march

Located in the East of Africa, Madagascar has all the potential to become a future African tech hub.

  • The best internet bandwidth in Africa according to Quartz ranking
  • A huge presence of various offshoring teams from international tech companies
  • A dynamic diaspora who brings a new and innovative vision

We help solving worldwide talent shortage and staffing

Finding and hiring proven full-time software engineers can be resource heavy. With this in mind, we will alleviate your costs with the help of our top-talented full-remote staff of  senior software engineers and technical entrepreneurs.

Learning a new language or a new technology takes time and we understand it. For that reason, save your time and energy related resources by delegating to our labs facilities.

Our in-house labs

Cutting-edge expertise for ambitious business


We want to deepen our understanding of your technologies but above all your culture because it’s not only about the code, it’s also about your people.

We reply in hours, not days.